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What is Robot City Press

Robot City Press is an NFT consisting of a collection of 10,000 unique art pieces based on the City Of Robots science fiction trilogy. Owning one gives you access to exclusive events as well as copies of all new science fiction releases.

Where can I buy a Robot City Press NFT

Join the discord group and get involved to be added to the white list. Each unique NFT will be 0.08 ETH and be limited to 10 per transaction.

How is this different from every other PFP project

This is the first NFT based on an existing published science fiction trilogy. We take pride in being creative and bringing ingenuity. The goal is to create a unique utility for all cardholders based around science fiction.

Do I Get Free Books

Yes every NFT holder gets a ARC (advance reader copy) of all new releases in the series.

What is $GELT coins

You get a coin for every book sold and you can use them to book a reservation and buy a ticket to the Web 3 lunar resort.

When will the lunar resort break ground

The lunar resort land purchase will we reach 25% and the build will happen after 100%

How do I know that Robot City Press will reach 100%?

We will announce the mint date when the white list is full.

If there is a huge white list won’t there be a gas war?

We will have a presale and implement as many strategies as possible to prevent a war. Join the discord group to join in the discussion.

How do I get on the white list

Buy a copy of the trilogy “City Of Robots” on Amazon and join the discord group and post about what you liked best about the trilogy.

What will be the focus of the DOA

We will look for other science fiction novels to publish under the Robot City Press name, there are thousands of self-published authors who will want the exposure so you will have a vote if you like the concept. 

Why should I join the discord group

It’s a place for science fiction fans. We will have movie nights and book clubs as well as trips to conventions and anything else the community finds exciting.

Will there be airdrops

Every time we release a new book there will be an airdrop based on the new novel. We will also release $GELT quarterly based on book sales.

Is there going to be a charity component

The story of ”City Of Robots” is about the youngest human on Earth as she graduates high school. Going with that theme we decided that once we reach 100% we will donate $1 from every book sold to great Orphan charities. The DAO will deal with locating the best orphan charities but as of now, donations will go to Orphans Hope.

How many traits and attributes

There will be 6 Robot types with 150 traits

What blockchain will be used

ERC-721 token on the Ethereum Blockchain file hosting is IPFS

Are any tokens withheld from Sale

Yes, 500 will be withheld for the team, marketing, and giveaways.